Hotspurs’ Howlers: 3 Things Sherwood Got Wrong During Liverpool vs Tottenham‏

Sherwood won 13 of his games in charge of Spurs last season

It was another humiliating defeat for Tim Sherwood and Tottenham against a top-four side, as Liverpool cruised to a simple 4-0 victory against a shambolic Spurs team.

During his pre-match interview, Sherwood was asked what he had learned from rewatching Tottenham’s 5-0 defeat to Liverpool in mid-December. The answer, rather shockingly, was that he had not watched it, and it clearly showed.

To limit the things he got wrong on Sunday afternoon to merely three is rather flattering, but these are the three most prominent tactical mistakes made by Sherwood in his side’s trip to Anfield.

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Ian Walker


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