FIFA 2002 Outtakes – what you may not have seen

By Pete Sharland at 10:45 on February 20, 2015

Everyone loves retro video games and FIFA 2002 was right up there with some of the best, it may have had the appeal of some of the classic but it rightly deserves its place in gaming history.

We recently came across a video titled FIFA 2002 outtakes and felt we had to have a look at what this entailed.

FIFA 15 Simulation – Weakest Premier League XI vs Strongest Premier League XI

The answer is around a minute of pure footballing joy including a true, never ending slide tackle and some extraordinary set-piece routines.

The only thing we can really say to you now is sit back and crack open (a minute sized) bag of popcorn and enjoy this brilliant video.

Pete Sharland

By Pete Sharland

Pete is the editor of our Ball Ctrl section and is a Chelsea fan from London. He is an advocate of Ligue 1 football and is being converted to MLS week by week. He thinks few things are better than a well timed slide tackle.


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