David Beckham career team-mates XI: Is there room for both Keane & Scholes?

Ronaldo (The Brazilian One)

Scorer of 83 Real Madrid goals in 120 appearances for the club, it is probably a bit unfair that the original Ronaldo is now more commonly referred to as ‘The Other Ronaldo’ or as “the fat Ronaldo.” For a period in the early 2000′s Ronaldo was unplayable, before injuries took their toll and his career fizzled out. In spite of his injuries the Brazilian managed to win pretty much everything in the game whilst a Galactico at Madrid, and represented three more of the world’s biggest clubs in Barcelona, Inter Milan and AC Milan.

Only the second man to score at least three goals in three World Cup’s, Ronaldo scored 15 World Cup goals accross the 1998, 2002 and 2006 tournaments, becoming the competition’s record scorer in the process.

Subs: Luis Figo, Fabio Cannavaro, Eric Cantona, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Iker Casillas, Steven Gerrard.

Damian Buxton
Damian Buxton
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10 Responses to “Ronaldo”

  1. Hastings says:

    Absurd positioning.

    Scholes over Gerrard?

    Cantona would also make it over Pirlo. Switching Gerrard back to midfield.

  2. Ainm says:

    Scholes and Pirlo will never give away a ball and if they do lose possession Keano will make them wish they hadn’t…

  3. Runi says:

    @Hastings – Scholes is ten times the player Gerrard will ever be, and that’s a fact

  4. Kral says:

    This is a great starting eleven also for any one claiming Gerrard over Scholes need to get their head checked. Scholes is the greatest midfielder of his generation, and this is not just my claim but almost every midfielder of his generation.

  5. Des says:

    Gerrard can’t even be considered, as he hasn’t played in any of Beckham’s clubs. Are you guys slow or something?

  6. Dumbdumbdes says:

    Des, they played for England. Still a team mate. Club or country.

  7. Gus says:

    Gerrard is not fit to lace Scholes’ boots. Being the best player of a mediocre team that has seldom been graced by superstars doesn’t magically give you the skill and talent required to be a great player. And yes only those that played with Beckham are considered for this.

  8. Josh says:


  9. kyle says:

    Forget a Scholes/Gerrard pick. Why is nobody getting upset about Gary slower-than-a-snail Neville making this XI. Especially considering becks played with Sergio Ramos AAAND Michel Salgado! Both are/were 10 times better RBS than Neville could ever be.

  10. Idiot mancs says:

    Bunch of morons up in here. Gerrard > Scholes every day of the week

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