Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas passes medical at Chelsea, according to reports


Cesc Fabregas has reportedly passed a medical at Premier League side Chelsea and the Daily Star insist the Blues have beaten Manchester United and Arsenal to the signature of the Spanish midfielder.

Fabregas is highly-sought after, after Barcelona, with whom he won the Champions League in 2011, admitted that the Spanish international was available on the transfer market. Manchester United have been heavy favourites to land the former Arsenal man, but the Gunners also have a clause in their former captains clause which allows them to have first pick on the central-midfielder.

Louis van Gaal, who will take over at Old Trafford in the summer, identified Fabregas as his main target, but reports emerged that Manchester United did not wish to pursue Fabregas anymore which left the door open for Jose Mourinho to make a move.

Fabregas and Barcelona have now allegedly agreed terms with Chelsea and the west London side are readying Fabregas for a medical. Fabregas was in London last week and Chelsea reportedly chartered a private jet to fly him in.

The Spaniard is valued at roughly £30 million and his future has been under intense speculation following Tata Martino’s departure from the Nou Camp.

Luis Enrique, Barcelona’s new manager, is planning an overhaul of the current squad.


Cesc Fabregas scored 8 goals for Barcelona and provided 13 assists.

Omar Hamouda
Omar Hamouda


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