Arsenal would win the Premier League if Wenger had Harry Redknapp’s “tactical nous” – Merson

Arsenal would win the Premier League if Wenger had Harry Redknapp’s “tactical nous” – Merson

Arsenal would be Premier League champions if Arsene Wenger had the tactical nous of former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp, according to Paul Merson.

It’s been 13 years and counting since the Gunners were last crowned champions in the top flight of English football – the season in which they went unbeaten – and pressure is on the Frenchman to end that drought after signing a two-year contract extension back in June.

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Following back-to-back losses at the hands of Stoke City and Liverpool at the beginning of the new season, the north London outfit find themselves six points adrift of leaders Manchester City and look likely to be contesting a battle for fourth place instead of the title.

However, Merson – who played under Wenger – believes his ex-manager could learn a thing or two from Redknapp.

“People say Redknapp’s a wheeler-dealer and it’s so disrespectful,” Merson told Sky Sports’ A League Of Their Own.

“Tactically, he’s one of the best I’ve worked with.

“If Arsene Wenger had Harry Redknapp’s tactical nous, Arsenal would win the league.”

Interestingly, Redknapp never managed to win a top flight league title whilst in charge of any of his previous club – although he did lead Portsmouth to an FA Cup win in the 2007/2008 campaign and was recently sacked by Birmingham City.

The Gunners are back in action on Saturday afternoon as they visit an in-form Watford side.

Arsenal have scored 11 Premier League goals this season.


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