Luis Suarez: Selfless strikers are hard to find

Luis Suarez: Selfless strikers are hard to find

Barcelona forward Luis Suarez has insisted finding a selfless striker would be an extremely difficult thing to do. 

The Uruguayan international has enjoyed great goalscoring success throughout his time in the game across most clubs he has represented.

Luis Suarez’s ‘selfish’ goals record: all you need to know

  1. Suarez started his European career with Groningen, scoring 15 goals in 37 games at an average of 0.4 goals per game.
  2. This earned him a move to Ajax, with whom he averaged 0.69 goals per game scoring 111 in 159 appearances – making a name for himself around Europe.
  3. Liverpool came next with a slightly lower average of 0.61 goals per game scoring 82 in 133 during his three-and-a-half years in England.
  4. The Uruguayan is enjoying his best goal return with Barcelona, scoring 161 goals in 216 appearances at an average of 0.74 per game.

The 31-year-old spoke to reporters (via Sport) about how it would be a near-on impossible task to find a great goalscorer who is completely selfless on the football pitch.

Suarez said: “To find a striker who isn’t selfish is difficult.

“Reality has shown us that you must be a good teammate, thinking about the team, what happens on the pitch and to put your teammates needs ahead of your own.

“There are now movements you make out on the pitch which your teammates already know about.

“You need to value your teammates’ work, the one who is running a lot further up the pitch and isn’t, for example, stood still (waiting for the ball). You must keep running if you want to win matches and titles.”

Suarez adapting to life in Barcelona

The talented but sometimes controversial striker moved from Liverpool to Barcelona in a bid to play for a more trophy-laden club.

Moving to the Catalonian giants did come with one big ‘problem’, which was whether Suarez could play in a team that was dominated by Lionel Messi and former club playmaker Neymar.

He said: “I came to Barcelona and they already had Neymar and Messi in the team. I asked, ‘And where am I going to play?’ Working hard, fighting, running and finding space I was able adapt to two of the best players in the world. It was just.

“The one language we all understand is compromise. You need to be a team player, working together for the same objective and you’ll achieve important things in football,”

Since joining Barcelona, Suarez has recorded 83 assists to add to his 216 goals across all competitions.

So not entirely selfish then?