Serafino launches “radical new boot” designed for football’s punters

Serafino launches “radical new boot” designed for football’s punters

Serafino boots have launched a strange new design of football footwear which allows the user to kick the ball with their toes, as per the company’s official Youtube account.

Stranger still, however, is who they’ve lined up to endorse the product.

The new design of boot from the company is visibly different from the traditional style worn in the professional game in that it comes with a flat surface at the front of the shoe, specifically constructed to allow the user to pass and shoot using their toes.

One of the first lessons traditionally taught to budding players is to not kick the ball with the toe because, according to project director Brian Harding, “there’s no power, no control and to be frank, it hurts.

“However with the Serafino 4th Edge you can have surprising power over control and accuracy using the toe area.”

The leader behind this new design, Harding goes on to describe the product as “a radical new boot which is going to transform how football is played.

“With conventional boots there are three kicking zones. With the Serafino 4th Edge we have a lethal new kicking zone, the Serafino toe. This unique patented device gives the player a 33% advantage in terms of the kicking zones.”

Former Tottenham and QPR manager Harry Redknapp was interviewed about the boot by Serafino and the 68-year-old was complimentary of the design.

Redknapp said: “It’s a very comfortable boot and they have got that added weapon of that harder toe. I think it’s something that’s not used enough and this gives you the chance to use that.

“That harder toe protects the metatarsals as well, and it gives you that extra dimension to get that shot off under pressure.”

However, the boot has already been met with criticism of its shape and look on social media, although some Tweets understood the logic behind the design.

A 2016 launch is being targeted by the company who have also begun a Kickstarter to raise the “considerable” investment required to take the boot to the general market.

We’re not completely sure we will see them gracing the Premier League fields in the near future, however.