Manchester United have ‘no excuse’ not to have a senior women’s team

Manchester United have ‘no excuse’ not to have a senior women’s team

Former Manchester United commercial director Andy Anson believes that there is no excuse for the club not to have a senior women’s team.

Although United have female sides that represent them at youth level, they have been without a senior women’s team since 2005.

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As reported by BBC Sport, Anson, who worked as United’s commercial director between 2003 and 2007, said: “It is something of an embarrassment to them now. Manchester United have to revisit this.

“There are no excuses and no arguments. They have to make it happen.

“I am embarrassed to admit the decision to close the senior women’s team down was taken when I was on the board.

“I understand that it is a difficult thing to make happen logistically and commercially – it might be a challenging decision.

“However, women’s football has reached such a stage in its evolution, it doesn’t feel right for Manchester United not to be involved.”

Manchester City won the Women’s Super League in 2016.

United are one of the most popular clubs worldwide but haven’t elected to have a senior women’s team despite the growing popularity of the Women’s Super League.

While United have been criticised for their lack of commitment to the women’s game, the same certainly cannot be said of their rivals Manchester City.

City’s women’s team have enjoyed much success in recent years, winning the league title in 2016 and the FA Cup in 2017.

Given that they have such a large fanbase and have their own television station on which women’s fixtures could be shown, it remains rather surprising that United have continued to overlook the possibility of having such a side.

Manchester United have created 59 chances in the Premier League this season