Leicester defender Danny Simpson responds to Jamie Carragher’s latest “snake” dig

Leicester defender Danny Simpson responds to Jamie Carragher’s latest “snake” dig

Danny Simpson has continued his Twitter feud with Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher by posting a picture of himself with his Premier League medal. 

Simpson and Carragher have been battling since the former Liverpool defender accused Leicester City players of stabbing Claudio Ranieri in the back after winning 3-1 against his old side in their first game without the Italian.

The right-back would respond by calling out Carragher for wearing an Everton training kit during a segment with Romelu Lukaku, prompting the duo to exchange barbs over the following days and weeks.

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The beef appeared to die down in early March after Carragher described Simpson as one of the Premier League’s worst defenders but the pundit reignited the rivalry with a post on Sunday.

In the image Carragher shared he is holding a snake, and the caption “finally get my hands on Danny Simpson” is a clear reference to his feelings on the Leicester player.

But now Simpson has responded in a series of messages, posted late on Sunday night, telling Carragher to “get over it” while also showing the 30-year-old with the Premier League trophy and his medal.

Simpson wrote: “You piping up again you lol? Just get over it Jamie, you had your time and it didn’t happen. Do you just need a cuddle?”

Danny Simpson played 35 times for Leicester City this season in the Premier League and  helped the club reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League before their elimination at the hands of Atletico Madrid.

Danny Simpson averaged seven defensive actions per Premier League match this season