Juventus president: VAR needs to be used in the Champions League

Juventus president: VAR needs to be used in the Champions League

Juventus and European Club Association (ECA) president Andrea Agnelli has backed the use of VAR in the Champions League and Europa League. 

Although there were a few early problems, VAR was used with great success during the World Cup in Russia this summer, with many high profile decisions putting weight behind calls for its introduction to domestic football.

Following the tournament, many top domestic leagues have now opted to implement VAR for the first time this season.

However, along with the Premier League, Uefa has decided against its use this season, instead choosing to give referees another year’s training to prepare first.

Speaking at an ECA summit recently (via Football Italia), Agnelli showed his respect for Uefa’s decision but has insisted that they must bring VAR into their elite competitions sooner rather than later.

“We cannot go back, we want VAR to be adopted in Uefa competitions as soon as possible,” he said.

“I spoke to Uefa President Aleksandar Ceferin about this, he understands our position and told us that VAR will be implemented, but Uefa are comprised of 53 Federations and an appropriate preparation is needed before they can proceed.

“We are very respectful with regards to Uefa’s request that the referees are given proper training so they can maintain the standard set by the leagues that have already introduced VAR.

“We hope that next season Uefa can be in a position to introduce the technology into the Champions League and Europa League. We are all working in that direction.

“When you start working with VAR and see that the margin of error is reduced by another five per cent, it becomes a path you must go down.”

Agnelli also made comment on how the outlook of football will change over the coming years, with the addition of the Uefa Nations League, adding: “From today to 2024, when a new International Match Calendar will be defining the football landscape, the game will evolve in many noticeable ways.

“Clubs will have to be key players in the elaboration of the IMC as we are the only stakeholders in the industry that bear the entrepreneurial and sporting risks.”