Jurgen Klopp admits Georginio Wijnaldum was at fault for Watford’s second goal vs. Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp admits Georginio Wijnaldum was at fault for Watford’s second goal vs. Liverpool

A frustrated Jurgen Klopp believes a lapse in concentration by midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum allowed Watford to re-establish their lead in their 3-3 draw with Liverpool.

The Reds went behind in their league opener after Stefano Okaka wasn’t picked up during a corner, allowing him to powerfully head past Simon Mignolet, before Sadio Mane restored parity.

However, they were level for about three minutes, when Abdoulaye Doucouré had enough time to put the Hornets back in front which frustrated Klopp who could only rue their missed opportunity to start on a winning foot.

“I was not happy in the first half when it was obviously very physical and Watford were too often the winners in these situations and they pressed balls and then they had the ball but they didn’t create too much with it,” he said in his post-match interview.

“Of course, the scored two goals but the first one was a good cross and a good run. He lost one of us, I wasn’t sure who, he didn’t close this gap and we could not run. We have to work on it. No doubt.

“The second goal was unlucky and a formation problem. Emre was on the left wing. Alberto was in the half space. Hendo was somewhere, I’m not sure. Gini didn’t close the gap. Alberto lost a challenge.


“That can happen, obviously. The gap opened. They played a pass. I thought it was offside. They passed the ball in the box. We defended first step but it was shot into our own legs which makes it a little bit unlucky,” he added.

“We had more chances, especially after set pieces. Good crosses, good headers. They were lucky. We were extremely unlucky. In the second half we scored two wonderful goals. It was really good. We had our moments. Then we conceded an offside goal.

“That’s really not fun. It is difficult to accept but we have to. We have had enough training at this because it happened last year all the time. Very often. We know we can do better. We have to do better. That’s what I tell the boys.”

A recurring nightmare?

At the backend of last season Klopp revealed there’s no ‘Plan B’ to counter lesser teams instead he would rather focus on improving the way his team plays.

The Reds suffered six defeats with all of them coming against club’s in the bottom half of the table: Crystal Palace (home), Leicester City (away), Hull City (away), Swansea City (home), Bournemouth (away) and Burnley (away).

In those games Liverpool conceded a total of 16 goals whilst scoring seven themselves.