“I am on fire” – Jose Mourinho says he’s looking forward to the new season with enthusiasm

“I am on fire” – Jose Mourinho says he’s looking forward to the new season with enthusiasm

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has revealed his dedication to his craft is stronger than ever before.

The 54-year-old Portuguese tactician celebrates 17 years as a football manager next month and is currently preparing to take charge of his second season at United.

Mourinho, who’s seen everything in the game, still retains the burning desire which engulfed him during his formative years as a coach.

“The only thing I have is to work every day like I do,” he told the club’s official website.

“It’s the only thing that I demand of myself. Give everything – I give everything. And then normally the results are a good consequence of that work, but I don’t put pressure on myself to do this or that.

“Today we had a free morning and we have training at 3 o’clock but I arrived here at 9.30, and from 9.30 until now, I was not having a tea.

“I was working hard and the training session will finish at 5 o’clock and probably I will leave here at 8 o’clock or a bit earlier to go to the hotel to watch Arsenal against Leicester.

“My dedication to my job is always the maximum, even more than when I started. At the end of the season, we will see the results, but I look forward to the season with optimism, with enthusiasm. I want to play West Ham, a difficult match, then I want to go to Swansea, a difficult match.

“I want the Champions League to start. I want, I want – I am on fire!”

Mourinho’s history and second season

A well-travelled coach, Mourinho has won everywhere he’s been at since establishing himself at Porto in the early 2000s, and remains the only manager to win the top-flight in England, Spain and Italy.

The task facing him is to re-establish United as not only a force to be reckoned with in England but also Europe.

Signing a three-year contract last summer, the rebuilding process was expected to be gradual, but the Portuguese coach has already delivered a Europa League and League Cup titles.

However, the Red Devils finished sixth last term, but as history has shown his teams always have their best season once he’s had a year to establish himself.

Porto and Inter won the league and European Cup double whilst in both spells at Chelsea and Real Madrid saw him lift their respective championships.