France boss Didier Deschamps explains events surrounding Adrien Rabiot’s standby snub

France boss Didier Deschamps explains events surrounding Adrien Rabiot’s standby snub

France manager Didier Deschamps has explained how events surrounding Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Adrien Rabiot unfolded and ended with his withdrawal from the standby squad. 

Last week Deschamps named his 23-man squad for next month’s World Cup in Russia, with some big names left out.

Rabiot was apart of the PSG side that ran away with the Ligue 1 title this season, finishing a massive 13 points ahead of last year’s champions AS Monaco.

However, despite his individual and club success, Rabiot was not selected among the 23 names to automatically travel to Russia next month. Instead, he was selected to be on a short list of names to act as standby should any injuries occur to a member of the squad.

In light of his omission from the 23-man squad, Rabiot ruled himself out of the standby list, refusing to potentially participate and represent his country if needed.

Speaking in his press conference (via Sport 24) Deschamps spoke of how he heard about Rabiot’s withdrawal from the standby squad.

“This is not a letter that was sent to the FFF, but an email that reached me late Monday afternoon. I read this email. I called him and sent him a text message to confirm that it was him.

“He did not answer me but I got the confirmation. In the aftermath I warned my president of the content, but also the president of the PSG.

“I was obviously surprised. I can understand the immense disappointment but from there to take such a position … We speak of a young player, he excludes himself.

“I hope that it will allow him to mature, to think. I am convinced that he made a huge mistake in taking such a position. There is no place for states of soul at the highest level, one must be professional in all circumstances.

“I take note, I’m not going to say that I’m happy but I will not talk about it for days. I know I can not count on him. He refuses his status as a reservist, to follow a program and to be called as a substitute. It’s his decision, he assumes.”

France face Australia, Peru and Denmark in World Cup Group C next month.