Real Madrid release official 10-point statement over De Gea and Navas saga

Real Madrid release official 10-point statement over De Gea and Navas saga

Real Madrid have released a hefty statement confirming exactly what went wrong between them and Manchester United on Monday and Tuesday regarding the collapse of David De Gea’s move to the club, in which the Spanish giants insist they did all they could to push the deal over the line, as per their official website.

Los Blancos were expected to complete the deal for De Gea on Monday night. However, the move failed to go through and it has since been reported that certain administrative aspects of the transfer were not submitted in time for the registration of the 24-year-old goalkeeper.

The deal included Keylor Navas, who as detailed below agreed to join United at 23.55 Spanish time, going in the other direction and Real Madrid have produced a timeline detailing precisely what happened.

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The Spanish giants say that Manchester United did not open up negotiations over the “federal rights of David De Gea until yesterday morning.”

The club then go on to explain that Real Madrid and Manchester United reached a “rapid” agreement on the transfer of both the players – De Gea and Navas – and thereafter drafted the relevant contractual documents required, which were then entered into the FIFA Transfer Matching System (TMS).

Contracts were then signed 22:32 UK time and Manchester United reached an agreement with Navas at 23:53 Spanish time.

However, it seems that not until after midnight (Spanish time, when the window was closed) did Manchester United enter the TMS date to allow De Gea to leave. Real Madrid received the documents at two minutes past midnight.

The official ten-point statement reads as follows:

1. Manchester United did not agree to open any negotiations over the federative rights of David de Gea until yesterday morning.

2. Real Madrid, despite the difficulties entailed in carrying out a deal of these characteristics on the final day of registration, agreed to initiate these talks.

3. When Manchester United agreed to negotiate yesterday morning, they made it subject to reaching an agreement with Real Madrid’s Keylor Navas for the player to join the British club from this season, and stated that it was in contact with the aforementioned player’s representatives.

4. Real Madrid and Manchester United quickly reached an agreement for the transfers of both players. Following the drawing up of the relevant contractual documentation required, and with the purpose of proceeding with enough time to process both FIFA’s Transfer Matching System (TMS) and the registration with the Liga de Fútbol Profesional, Real Madrid sent Manchester United the contracts at 13.39 Spanish time.

5. Manchester United sent their remarks regarding the aforementioned contracts eight hours later, at 21.43 Spanish time, including minor modifications. As these modifications were not significant, they were all accepted immediately by Real Madrid, with the intention being able to register the player on time both via TMS and with the Liga de Fútbol Profesional.

6. Real Madrid, having obtained the signatures of the players De Gea and Keylor Navas, sent the British club the aforementioned signed contracts at 23:32 Spanish time, before waiting to receive the final documents signed by Manchester United.

7. Manchester United reached a final agreement with the representatives of Keylor Navas at 23:53 Spanish time, and it is at this point that the contracts were sent to the player to be signed.

8. Manchester United entered the details of the David de Gea deal, not those of Keylor Navas, at 00:00 Spanish time, simultaneously sending Real Madrid the signed transfer contracts. Real Madrid received this complete documentation at 00:02 and attempted to access TMS, but it was now closed.

9. At 00:26 Spanish time, FIFA’s TMS invited Real Madrid to fill out the details of the player David de Gea, as the period of registration in England remains open until today. Real Madrid, in view of the possible eventuality of an administrative dispute over the player’s transfer, decided to send the contracts to the Liga de Fútbol Profesional, despite the knowledge that the deadline had passed.

10. In short, Real Madrid did everything necessary at all times to complete both transfers.

David De Gea

The statement released by the club is a rather hefty one and whilst Madrid say they did all they could to sign De Gea, it seems they intend to place the blame on Manchester United, who were perhaps rather slow in moving in secure the whole deal.

David De Gea kept 11 clean sheets in the league last season.