10 first touches that you can only dream of

10 first touches that you can only dream of

There’s no feeling quite like it. We’ve all been there. The sodden ball has been flung high into the air, but is dropping at a rate of knots. You hear the distinctive call “no bounce” from a nearby team mate.

“How’s your touch?” heckles an onlooker. You can’t have any excuses. This is it. There will be no mistimed headers today, you think. I’ve got this.

What happens next? You bring it down with a superb first touch and kill the ball dead as if your boot is being controlled by some sort of magnetic device, of course, leaving you to bask in the praise of those who have been fortunate to witness such a skilful moment.

Well, maybe once in a blue moon; when you’ve remembered to carry a rabbit’s foot and stuck a four-leaf clover in your sock. But, quite frankly, even that’s pushing it.

Yet some footballers seem to perform arguably one of the most difficult talents that beautiful game can ask of them with ease.

For the beneficiaries of a Midas touch displaying magical technique, outstanding composure and unquestionable balance rolled into one ball of footballing fabulousness is merely second nature.

For the rest of us, (mere mortals), it is something to marvel at constantly yet only obtain sporadically. Squawka has put together 10 of the finest examples you are ever likely to see. Drink. It. In.

1. Bryan; top marks for not even trying.

2. How do you turn your first touch into a Cruyff turn? Well, Zizou has the answer to all your physics defying questions.

3. The Berb man, nonchalant as ever.

4. Stop it, Shinji, just stop it. But did he eat Zidane’s heart out?

5. Ronaldinho; still got it.

6. Roberto Baggio’s first touch is as ridiculous as his ponytail. Both are also silky smooth, but I don’t want to ramble on about this.

7. This is absolutely outrageous from Antonio Cassano.

8. “My, what big eyes you have, Mesut.”

“All the better to see the ball with, my child. Hence the good touch.”


10. Johan Cruyff; you beautiful, beautiful man.